How Connected Caregiving Powered by alska Increases Productivity in the Workplace

Posted by Michelle Chaffee on Jun 12, 2019 8:50:00 AM

Employees who are also providing care to a loved one are less productive at work. Up to 80% of working caregivers admit as much. Connected Caregiving powered by alska can increase productivity in the workplace by offering a platform for employees to manage their caregiving duties more effectively. 

Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Caregiving Tasks Impact Productivity 

Do you ever wonder why caregivers are distracted and less productive? There is an ever present emotional element to caregiving. The responsibilities are vast and can be daunting. Working caregivers spend several hours each week managing care for their loved one. These tasks have an impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Some of these time consuming tasks include:

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  • Calling the clinic to receive updates on current medications because they couldn’t be at medical appointment
  • Updating a spouse, teacher, nanny, grandparents, etc. on upcoming appointments, medications, dosages and when to take medication
  • Getting new care providers up to speed on medical history and care needs
  • Getting or giving instructions after surgery or a diagnostic procedure
  • Coordinating family and friend visits when a medical crisis occurs

Caregivers are also spending a great deal of time searching for information. This includes learning more about a particular diagnosis, treatment options, when is the right time to hire professional help and where to find it and information about resources in their area.

Addressing Presenteeism in the Workplace


Connected Caregiving Makes Collaboration Easier

Connected Caregiving powered by alska has a profound impact on the time it takes to manage these tasks and completely eliminates many of them.  Caregivers benefit from having one secure portal to manage appointments, share updates ONCE with everyone who needs to know, store and share up to date medication, allergy and medical condition information and receive one on one personal advocacy guidance if desired.  We put the caregiver in control and offer the tools, support and guidance to minimize stress in the process.

Our virtual caregiver support groups and live webinar events offer expert advice and resources caregivers need. So much more than a chat group or message board, caregivers are able to attend support groups on their own time and in a place that is convenient for them.  Each group is facilitated and topic specific with practical information and education to empower working caregivers.

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Connected Caregiving Empowers Employees 

We all want the best for our loved ones. This is even more crucial when a loved one is battling a physical or mental illness and needs support.  Connected Caregiving makes life easier for working caregivers by offering a solution that helps them stay focused while they are at work. They decide who has access to information and can easily delegate tasks. They receive update notifications when their loved one has attended a medical appointment or other significant event. If a new care provider is needed, they don’t have to spend hours getting them up to speed with the health history, medications or care needs because they can review it all in the secure care portal.

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Connected Caregiving increases productivity by eliminating redundancies in communications and the recall of information. By empowering your employees with the alska solution, they can focus on their work instead of calling and updating multiple people when the care of a loved one changes. Enabling your employees in this way allows them the freedom to be a mutually dedicated caregiver and employee.

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